2d examples doesn't work


Hi.I’ve got this teeny problem. Before I accidentaly unistalled xenko every game example worked fine. I mean when I hitted F5 to test. But after reinstall only 2d examples chrashes (jumpy jet, ui). Does anybody know why? Some missing dll’s, .net framework or visual studio bug?


We will need more details. What is not working? What kind of error are you getting?


It’s in polish but, after translating via google translate it should be understable:

Problem event name: CLR20r3
Signature of problem: 01: JumpyJet2.Windows.exe
Signature of problem: 02:
Signature of problem: 03: fdf2f776
Signature of problem: 04: SharpDX
Signature of problem: 05:
Signature of problem: 06: 592da585
Signature of problem: 07: 136
Signature of problem: 08: 14
Signature of problem: 09: SharpDX.SharpDXException
Operating system version: 6.1.7601.
Regional settings identifier: 1045
Additional information 1: a31d
Additional information 2: a31d1310e3ea6544a7b85b7e75af7790
Additional information 3: 366c
Additional information 4: 366ca977e396a5a3a79d0dc73d92fd04

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15-09-2018 02:11 edit:

I’ve managed to enable SharpDX in VisualStudio, yet still I got same crash report.
So I started from blank project and imported mega man X spritesheet to Xenko. Runs without errors.


What’s your machine configuration especially graphic card, DirectX version, supported shader language, etc.


My computer: msi mlt-std810g i7-4790k , Nvidia GTX 760 - nvidia experience (with driver version 399,07 - DirectX 11) 16 GB RAM, Win 7 Pro 64 bit. - I dunno what shader language does it support ;/


I was expecting the other error messages: the one in the console window. Right-clicking on the window title and select-all should work.