A bunch of 3.1 / 3.0 install issues


I’m getting errors trying to just spawn a new project in 3.1 or 3.0.

I ran into the Visual Studio installation failed -1 error… So I followed the instructions in another thread, started the VS installer separately, and updated my VS 2017 and VS 2019 to latest. It didn’t fix anything.

In 3.1, when I try to create a new game, with default settings, I get this set of errors:


If I try to open one of these 3.1 projects after these errors, I get:


If I try to create a project in 3.0, I get a different error:


expanding this… I get:

…not sure where to go from here…



How was Visual Studio installed and where? Is that on a different disk and not in the default location, for instance?

Are you sure that all the prerequisites are also installed?

Edit: I can’t even open any project, I get an out of memory exception in SharpDX. Anyone else having the same issue?
There was an issue with my graphics driver. I updated it and the issue is gone.



I was able to fix these errors by uninstalling and re-installing Xenko…

I had all the pre-requisites installed, but originally my VS2017 had updates pending… I followed some instructions to run the VS installer separately to update it, but even after doing this Xenko didn’t work. I uninstalled Xenko and reinstalled and now it’s working.

Althiough the first time I tried to load the same project in Xenko 3.1, it said “this might take a few minutes the first time”… but it stayed there for 10 minutes. So I killed it. Then I restarted, and then it loaded up right away.

And now it seems to be working.

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