Adding the 3D scene to a WPF


Hello there,

I have a WPF and I want to add a scene 3D to it just like @ahrenm in this thread Project: Live Editor
(I forked their branch and tried to run it but it get this error:

Xenko SDK was not found. Check Xenko is installed and the global env variable [SiliconStudioXenkoDir] is setup correctly)

As I was unable to run their project, I changed my strategy and I used this image in visual studio to look into the main interface of Xenko and figured out that it was the lines in EntityHierarchyEditorView:

<ContentPresenter x:Name="SceneView" Visibility="{Binding LastException, Converter={xk:Chained {xk:ObjectToBool}, {xk:InvertBool}, {xk:VisibleOrCollapsed}}}">

        <KeyBinding Key="F" Command="{x:Static ehv:EntityHierarchyEditorView.FocusOnSelection}"/>



that were responsible of showing the 3d scene, am I right here?

So I added those lines in my xaml view, I added the references to the dll and was expecting it to work but sadly it is not the case, i get the error:

System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException: Impossible to load the file or the assembly Xenko.Core.Presentation, PublicKeyToken=null or one of its dependencies. The specified file is not found. 

but i can assure i added that dll, and, for the assemblies that xenko.core.presentation relies on, i also added them:

  • xenko.core.translation
  • xenko.core.reflection
  • xenko.core.mathematics
  • xenko.core.

I’m doing something wrongly but I have no idea what
Am i even in the right direction ?

Best Regards and thanks for reading me