Advices for starting on Xenko ? I'm a begginer on game engine


Hello to everyone is reading this !!

Well i begin on Xenko, it’s the frist game engine that i get a step in haha and if you have some advices to give that you liked that we give too you when you were starting on Xenko, it will be really nice from you to share it with me !!

I learn C# at school, im studying computing, and i have to make a game for an event that is making my school

i’m actually reading the documentation , that help me to understand better Xanko, but the best way tu learn is to practice but i feel lost when i try something and hurgh it’s why i’m asking a litle for help if it is possible ^^
And i’ve tried to read the API documentation (still i do not why does mean API XD) And i’ve noticed that it must be all the code that we must use in Xenko, but in wich cases do we use it and how can we link it with assets ? Im asking things like that haha but i think that i’ve not read enougth the doc (AND it’s totally true x) )

So , i thank you for having reading my text until this line ;D , if i achieve to making move a carachter with keybord keys (like arrow) and making jump him, i will be so happy just for making a litle thing like this XD , after i’ll try to put music and noises

Sorry if my english isn’t perfect but i think that it’s still understandable haha =w=

So, thanks if you have some advices to share !! ;D And i hope this topic can help other beginner like me