Any AI support?


Hi there,

I am a CryEngine user, the engine provide complete AI Api support and editor AI functionnality.
We can make characters behave and fight the player in a realistic way without too much effort.

You can learn more about CryEngine AI here

Or videos

What Xenko proposes about AI that would make us consider moving from CryEngine to Xenko for our next game ?


Hmmmm … i guess Xenko is not ready about AI.


I hope this may help you.


Navigation mesh is only the ability to move from one point to another point, you didn’t read the CryEngine docs ?

AI includes formations and team movement strategy, sensor and alerts

There are many ways to achieve AI.


Xenko is nothing like the CryEngine.
Xenko is a generic engine, not an FPS specialized engine.

So, obviously, there is not “Formations and team movement strategy” for AIs, because those are already specific things.


Xenko is also lacking a general AI toolset for any game purpose, like Behaviour Tree editor or a state machines editor.
They have advantages
1 ) they reduce a lot the amount of coding, getting rid of hundred of “if then else” statements
2) you get a high level visual view of your AI
3) you have real time debug on your Behaviour Tree or State Machine.


Xenko is still young and progressing, of course it does not have all the features of an engine living for already several years. :slight_smile:

Things will come and maybe people from the community may even make it available at some point!


It seems that only designers are looking for game engines nowadays.


are you serious? do you really expect the community to spend valuable time building someone else’s engine. it’s like saying “hey, here is the engine, go build the car” why would I? there are so many cars to choose from already.
can you imagine Tesla coming out with their electric car idea and asking the “community” to help them add more features and build the brand. People would be laughing at them, let at alone buying into the idea.
If Silicon Studio wants to make their engine competitive, they should have waited before releasing a bare bone software with 10% of what the competitors offer.
Sadly this is what the software/gaming industry has become lately. Everybody wants to release their buggy half ass’ed “software” and then keep adding stuff to it, or in some cases rely on the community to do the job for them.
What happened to quality and integrity? Why rush into the market when you know your engine is 70% done.


Can you do anything else than just complaining? You have been only posting negative comments so far. How is that helping anyone?

AI is not part of the core of an engine. Some optionally provide it, some don’t. The main reason is that AI for a given game is very specific and any attempt to make a generic version will in all cases fail.

We prefer to focus on parts that make an engine and let the game developers figure out the rest. We can’t possibly do everything for you.


It may come out as being negative, but I see it mostly as criticism, which you should be able to take.
also, if you carefully read all my comments, I did say positive things about Xenko.

I wanted to try Xenko because you guys advertised it as an alternative to Unity, and I was very disappointed, so I wanted to share it with the rest of the community so people can make an educated decision. I may have gone too far with my criticism but it wasn’t my intention to hurt or upset anyone at Silicon Studio. Hopefully you guys can keep working on it and improve it and make it a viable competitor.



Err… I’m sorry to demolish your idea of the word and your metaphors… But there are people which we tend to call “car enthusiasts” that will do exactly that. Build car from scratch, exactly that. There’s a wide range of cars available, sure. But it does not mean that this wide range is good nor that it fits your needs.

I also don’t see the point in coming here to simply rant about it. As Kryptos mentionned, AI is a subset and a side-feature. If I may say, it didn’t came right away in UE4 in the form of the behavior trees and I doubt it came straight away with Unity either.

Now, sorry to be blunt, but you’ve just gotten used to everything being done, pre-baked, pre-eaten for you and apparently are not capable of thinking about low-level problems… And THAT is my issue with it. You can deal with it and look at different solutions for implementations of AIs instead of whining.

I can’t call demolishing the hard work of people criticism, sorry, it’s just too easy of an escape route… “Oh sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you, it was just criticism, take it and make your thing better based on my single-minded opinion”.

Also. UE4 and Unity built themselves around that community. Have you seen the vastness of the UE4 answer hub and the Unity Forums? :slight_smile:

Look… I googled for less than 5 minutes I found documentation that could help you make an AI system AND as well for you to learn how it even works underneath (it can only get you to make a better use of it)
Intel - Designing Artificial Intelligence for Games (Part 1)

My apologize if this post is a bit rough.


Don’t apologize, I totally deserve the wrath because I came in to complain in the wrong thread :slight_smile:
I can care less about the AI not being implemented. I can write my own AI for the most part.

I think I came in with super high expectations that Xenko is a viable alternative to Unity, and I was disappointed. Hopefully, with time, it will, but for now, I’ll just wait patiently :slight_smile:

p.s: if you haven’t already , I highly recommend reading “Programming Game AI by example”. great AI book for game devs


Anyone can build its own AI, the AI work with a state machine like the characters we are playing as, it just activates each state depending on a specific event
it’s not built in xenko, but through script we can easily create this and add fields in order to make it easier to make future ai for the game we’re making