Any sample on SkiaSharp with Xenko


Is there any sample on having Xenko and SkiaSharp in a game?

Thanks in advance.

We used both in the ocean of air project. They work fine side-by-side, but sharing GPU resources seems to be quite difficult… You can check their GitHub issues about texture sharing.

Hi @tonfilm ,

Thanks for supporting me on all my queries.
I have been banging my head to make them work together but could not succeeded. It is more than one and half months now.
Can you please give me a clue? Is the project “ocean of air” opensource? If so, can you please share me the link?

I am actually trying to achieve this. My application is a floor plan application like “Sweet Home 3D”.

ah, that would mean a side-by-side execution, that shouldn’t be a problem. getting skia into the canvas is quite easy, they have controls.
don’t exactly know how to get xenko rendering into another part of the canvas. @Kryptos or @xen2 should know more about that. you can also check the code of game studio, it’s done there multiple times.

I understood how to load Xenko

Hi @tonfilm, Can you please give a clue how to do this?