Building WIth VS2015 .dlls not found


What is the easiest procedure to build the C# program. Do you have to compile all the .sln’s a special way. Due to the fact I cannot find many .DLLS.

I have heard that VS2017 resolves this issue.

I am new to C# so I cannot find where in VS2015 you set the path to the Project-DIr/DLL’s Directory.

Can anyone help. I have set the path variable for SIliconStudioXenkoDir to my Xenko-Runtime directory on my build drive.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


Are you using the official Xenko assemblies or did you compile it yourself from the sources?

If you are using the official then there is nothing else you need to do (assuming Xenko is properly installed). Open the GameStudio and from there open the Solution with Visual Studio (in the toolbar there is a button to open with IDE, you can click on the arrow to select which version of VS you want it to be opened with). It will set the environment variable for you and you can compile normally.

If you are creating a custom project that is integrating Xenko manually, then I suggest you read the solution on this other post were I already gave you an answer (Setting regular environment variable to Xenco-dir).