Can I still use Xenko Pro if I switch to another PC?


Hello everyone!

I’m new to the forums and this is my first post in fact! Nonetheless, I had a query regarding Xenko’s licensing terms with the Professional Edition. It is indeed free until December 31st, 2017. However, after that period of time if I use the same installer I used for getting the Pro version now, will I get it once again for free on another PC? I know the first question that’ll pop is why would I need an answer for that. That’s because in case I get a new PC, will my license still stay viable? I really like the Engine so far and I’m taking my first steps towards developing a game with it already.

Thanks in advance,


Hello Shockware, you will be able to continue using Xenko using the Personal version after December if you are an individual or have limited revenues. The Personal versions provides basically the same set of features than the Professional version. From January 1st the Xenko Professional version will be locked if you don’t have payed account independently from the installation date.