Changing String displayed on the game title bar


How do I change the String displayed on the tittle of the game window?


Hi @Technerder,

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By default the window title is taken from the AssemblyProduct attribute in the AssemblyInfo.cs file of the “MyAwesomeGame.Game” project. You can also change it from a script by updating the window title i.e.

public override void Start()
    Game.Window.Title = "My awesome game title";

Hope that helps.

FYI, You should look for answers/ask questions like this over in the Answers site.



Thanks!, works like a charm. I have another question, I’m trying to set the game to full screen, however when I use “Game.Window.BeginScreenDeviceChange(true);”, the game window just disappear.


You can try having a look at my answer here

I was never certain of it’s correctness though.