Consolidating Xenko Community Samples into Single Repo

I think it would be a great idea to consolidate our Xenko samples into a single repo?

I know there is another thread where folks are linking their samples or tutorials but… wouldn’t it be better for these to be in a single repo? Is this something that can be done through GitHub teams or something?

I volunteer myself to lead this if anyone has a good idea of how this can be accomplished (free-ninety-nine).



Yes, I also think that we need something like that. I think it’s possible to create an organization on GitHub that can host repos, so that they can all be found in one place.

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I remember thinking about it and wondering how do we want to present it for the user.
Thought of several options:

  1. We create a github org, with each repo inside that org

    • organized set of repo


    • limited by github UI (how they list projects, description cut, size of thumbnail, etc.)
    • it requires users to move their project inside org, somebody need to manage permissions, etc.
      note: starring could remove the need to move inside repo
  2. create a small repo (could be inside xenko org itself) with a markdown files linking to those projects

    • Inside Xenko org
    • Easy to submit PR to add a project
    • Easy to format things in a better way than github UI
    • Could move it to website or doc at some point (since they take markdown as well)
    • Actual projects could remain in their contributor control (in their own github, or any other platform)

    Simple example:
    Note: could do better UI with screenshots if needed

I think option 2 might be better & easier to update, but up to you (and of course nothing prevent somebody to do something else as well).
If you are interested, I would be happy to create such a xenko-community-projects repo (or whatever name you want) and accept PR. I could also give write/admin permissions on this repo for people requesting it.

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Yes, very reasonable, we can start with option two. It’s indeed quite easy and a 5 minute action…

Option 2 is great and easy to implement… all we are doing is PR on a linked document.

I will have some things to upload, maybe I can even rip some things out of older projects and clean them up for upload as well.

Let’s do it!

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Any wish for name?
Otherwise I will go for xenko-contributions or xenko-community-projects or something like that (can always rename later)

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Sounds good, I like the word “community” in the name!

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Xenko community projects sounds good, we can each name our own contribution so plenty of room for names.

Created (could be renamed if necessary) and gave both of you admin permissions (check github invite).
Feel free to organize it however you want (and give permissions to other people as needed).

Note: if it grows into something interesting, we could consider making a doc page and a website page out of it at some point.


Updated the repository with as many relevant projects as I could find.


Nice work. This should be a good place to add some new tutorials.