Current state of Xenko


As a practical example, if I wanted to prototype a third-person hack-and-slash action game, are there any particular deficiencies in the current version of Xenko that would throw up difficulties?


No deficiencies as such, but this is still very much in development mode.

It is a much more programmer focused engine than say Unity, so you have to code a lot of functions that Unity maybe has helper functions for, and of course, there isn’t the breadth and depth of turtorials and advice on Xenko available like there is for something like Unity.

You have to be a lot more hands on, and a good place to hang out and just pick up information that gets discussed is the discord channel.


I think everything you would need for a prototype is there, though if you are looking for mesh colliders or terrain you may be hard pressed at the current time. Also, if you are looking for network support you would have to build your own (though and I must plug my own efforts in around 2 months I plan to release an open source version of workable netcode with a demo Xenko arena game).


Thanks for the replies. I realise the netcode isn’t there yet, and terrain isn’t a big concern at this stage. I was just wondering if there were any significant gotchas in creation of some 3D gameplay, as opposed to, say, Unity. But it sounds like the crucial pieces are there.