Develop with Visual Studio Code or remove Visual Studio dependency


Any chance you would consider supporting Visual Studio Code as a coding tool for Xenko (or at least not imposing Visual Studio in order to use Xenko) as part of a more open and free engine ecosystem? Sure Visual Studio Community is free, but just for individuals, teams of less than 5 people, or academic and open source projects. So probably that renders Xenko as a show stopper for many indie teams.


Using Visual Studio is not required. The only thing that is required is MSBuild. You can already set Visual Studio Code as your default IDE in the GameStudio if you like (see the Game Studio settings).


Thank you very much @Kryptos, you made my day! :slight_smile:



My answer was slightly incomplete, though. There is still one thing that needs VS somehow (and esp. the VS plugin): authoring effects an shader.
Not 100% sure on that one as I never wrote any shader myself. It is probably possible to call the correct generator tool manually.


I see, thank you @Kryptos for letting us know. Maybe @xen2 knows how much of a hard dependency that is or how difficult could it be to either (always optionally of course) transfer that to vs-code or to call that tool manually as you well said?


No idea, good question. Probably not very hard.
Feel free to open a github ticket to keep track of this.


Thank you @xen2, will do right now.