Developer meeting 24 july 2019

Hi folks,
I put together a rough summary of the last developer meeting.

  • I altered/cleaned up some lines from the meeting
  • If you are missing key points/decisions that were made, feel free to leave a comment
  • I am not looking for grammatical feedback

Once enough people have reviewd it, perhaps it can be put in a more official post somewhere.


Not able to check this from work but…

There was no determination to drop mobile platforms correct? Just that there was assistance needed in maintaining support for them?

Were there any volunteers?

I recall there were comments expressed that folks wanted PC support primarily and that there were a low number of mobile users… In retrospect, mobile support opens up so much for a developer, it’s hard to accept working with an engine that wouldn’t support/export or build for these platforms.


All your answer questions are answered in the summary.

  • Mobile is not dropped, but currently not a lot of activity
  • Several volunteers

Personally, I think the idea of a tighter focus makes sense. To me, the sweet spot for Xenko would be the midrange - for indie projects that are more ambitious, requiring decent graphics, larger levels, and so on. I think that for simpler games and mobile platforms there are already projects out there that do the job. There’s a gap for an open-source engine that aims a bit higher.