[Discord Community] GameDevNetwork - Xenko


Good day Xenko users :wave:

I run a partnered Discord server called ‘GameDevNetwork’; we are an international group of everyone from total beginners to AAA veterans with a love of gamedev.

Having tried Xenko myself after being referred by a number of our community members, I’m incredibly impressed with the quality of the engine and the fantastic supporting community surrounding it.

We have just created a dedicated channel for all things Xenko and we would greatly like to welcome you lovely people to be a part of it.

You can join our community by clicking on the following link: http://discord.gg/gdn

I’m happy to answer any questions and we’re actively accepting feedback. As this is a new channel, we’ll be looking for a channel moderator with Xenko experience, please do get in touch if you’d be interested in this!


Cool thing, may come in useful. I joined. I’ve not got the most experience with Xenko, but I know a little bit my way around (enough to write a Universal Joint script with the underlying Bullet stuffs), if that can help there.


What exactly is this site you are showing? It says good by to team speak etc is it a game communication things?


Yes @curator785. If you ever used Slack for example, it’s pretty much the same but “gaming” oriented. Not that it strictly limits itself to gaming.


@curator785 As @Hayaweh mentioned, Discord is pretty similar to Slack though one of the major bonuses for us is the fact there is no user limit! Slack has a hidden limit that would restrict our growth.
We’ve already seen some of our devs from other engines give Xenko a try so it’s brilliant to get those from the Xenko community such as yourselves involved.


Update: We’re hosting our next game jam from Sept 1st-10th. It’d be great to see some Xenko entries to help raise awareness of this awesome engine <3


I joined the discord channel. It’s just as quiet as it is here. :frowning:


I’ve joined too haha