Empty Keys UI for Xenko


Thanks Kryptos, btw could you rename this topic to just “Empty Keys UI”? I didn’t find any edit option.

There is new version 1.12 with support for latest version of Xenko, Behaviors, fixed Chart control issues, new events on UIElement class and some internal interfaces are public now.

Release notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afc/1739
NuGets : https://www.nuget.org/profiles/EmptyKeys


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UI v1.13 is out with new TextBox features (selection, copy/cut/paste, undo/redo), better tab navigation and much more.

UI was tested with latest Xenko version and NuGet package has new support for UAP.

Release notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afc/1853


It’s great to see this project being constantly improved - good job! :slight_smile:


UI v2.0 is out with Compile time generated bindings support and fixed bugs.

UI was tested with Xenko 1.5.3-beta.

Compile time generated bindings info - http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/139
Release notes - http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/3#1889


Empty Keys UI 2.1 is out with new ListBox selection mode, better drag & drop, UWP example and more. This release was tested on Xenko 1.6.2-beta

Release notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/3#1925
NuGets: http://www.nuget.org/profiles/EmptyKeys


Empty Keys UI 2.2 is out with better sound support, Play Sound Action for behaviors, master volume, multi thread fixes and more. Tested with Xenko version 1.6.6-beta.

Release notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/3#1972
NuGets: http://www.nuget.org/profiles/EmptyKeys


Empty Keys UI 2.3 is out. There is new ImageButton, better Expander, fixed TabControl and fixed bugs. This version is tested with Xenko v1.7.0-beta.

Release notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/3#2042
NuGets: http://www.nuget.org/profiles/EmptyKeys


Empty Keys UI 2.4 is out. There is new support for Effects and custom shaders and fixed
bugs. This version also supports SDF fonts.It was tested with Xenko 1.7.7-beta.

Relase Notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/3#2112
NuGets: http://www.nuget.org/profiles/EmptyKeys


Hello, i have some dobouts about the emptykeys, a noob dobouts :wink:
First: what exactly are the emptykeys? A input library? A UI library?
Second: when i can found some tutoriais and samples?


It’s bit more complex UI library compared to native Xenko one, so if your game UI is more heavy in terms of features, my lib is good alternative. It also contains input support for UI controls for keyboard/mouse/gamepad/touch. MVVM and data binding is preferred way how to use it. It’s XAML based so you can use any XAML editor including Visual Studio or Blend. There are 3 parts of the package, UI Library, Engine support and UI Generator. The last two are open source on GitHub - https://github.com/EmptyKeys

Example: https://github.com/EmptyKeys/UI_Examples/tree/master/BasicUI_Xenko
Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3yaa5PCo0E4bBsYaX3HSccqxyNnDtXFQ


HI, really loving the library. :slight_smile: I have one question about it, though–

Is there any way to use it to make overlay UIs that don’t completely cover up underlying Xenko 3D/2D scene?

I’ve been messing around with the sample Xenko project and can’t seem to create anything that doesn’t cover up the whole screen.


Just set background to transparent on UIRoot.


smacks forehead
Well, that works perfectly now. Thanks! Sorry if it was a silly question.

I had the same thought and searched for Clear but it wasn’t there.


Empty Keys UI v2.5 is out. There is new UniformGrid layout control, support for MaxLength on TextBox, auto scroll bar visibility support and more.

This version was tested with Xenko 1.8.0-beta.

Release Notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/3#2141
NuGets: http://www.nuget.org/profiles/EmptyKeys


UI v2.6 is out with UI Virtualization support for DataGrid and ListBox.

This version was tested with Xenko 1.9.0-beta.

Release Notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/3#2172
NuGets: http://www.nuget.org/profiles/EmptyKeys