Error In Running Sample JumpyJet


I am new in Game Development. I am interested in your game engine. After i have installed Xenko Pro, I try to run it, it is ruanable without any error. However, when i tried to choose the sample JumpyJet to execute it, the following error appear in the window. May I know what is the causes? How can i solve it?

at SiliconStudio.XenKo.Games.GraphicsDeviceManager.FindBestDevice(Boolean any SuitableDevice)
at SiliconStudio.Xenko.Games.GraphicsDeviceManager.ChangeOrCreateDevice(Boolean forceCreate)
at SiliconStudio.Xenko.Games.GraphicsDeviceManager.SiliconStudio.Xenko.Games.IGraphicsDeviceManager.CreateDevice()
at SiliconStudio.Xenko.Games.GameBase.IntializeBeforeRun()

Unhandled Exception : System.InvalidOperationException : Graphics profiles [Level_9_3] are not supported by the device. The highest available profile is [Level_9_1].


Go to GameSettings->Rendering->Default Graphics Profile and change to Direct3d 10.0 /OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher.
Good luck!


What is your graphics card? Level 9_1 is pretty low. Don’t expect to do any game programming with such hardware.
If you are using a laptop it is possible that your graphics card is disabled by default and that the built-in chip is used instead (such as Intel HD Graphics). Make sure to have it enabled before using Xenko.