Failing to install Xenko


I have tried installing Xenko 2.1 and during the installation process I get this error in a popup:

An error occurred while installing version Error code 1 while running install package process [C:\Program Files\Silicon Studio\Xenko\GamePackages\Xenko.\tools\packageinstall.exe]
at SiliconStudio.Packages.NugetStore.RunPackageInstall(String packageInstall, String arguments, ProgressReport progress) at SiliconStudio.Packages.NugetStore.OnPackageInstalled(Object sender, PackageOperationEventArgs args) at NuGet.PackageManager.OnInstalled(PackageOperationEventArgs e) at NuGet.PackageManager.Execute(IPackage package, IPackageOperationResolver resolver) at NuGet.PackageManager.InstallPackage(IPackage package, Boolean ignoreDependencies, Boolean allowPrereleaseVersions) at SiliconStudio.Packages.NugetStore.d71.MoveNext() — End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown — at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw() at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at SiliconStudio.LauncherApp.ViewModels.PackageVersionViewModel.<>cDisplayClass520.<b_0>d.MoveNext()

I cannot see in that information what the error is. I have been using Xenko 2.0 on this machine for quite a while.

[Edit]I have reinstalled Xenko completely, including deleting the roaming data folder, and am still getting the same error.[/Edit]




Probably, you should not install Xenko to a read-only directory such as Program Files.


The app has write access to it’s Program Files directory (it creates files there successfully), and I have successfully installed and run Xenko 2.1 in Program Files on two other computers.

Thanks though!


I found the issue.

Bitdefender (anti-virus) has detected msil.krypt.2 in C:\Program Files\Silicon Studio\Xenko\GamePackages\Xenko.\deps\AssemblyProcessor\SiliconStudio.AssemblyProcessor.Packed.exe and is quarantining the file.

I am going to test the same file with other anti-virus software, but Bitdefender has a good hit rate.


Anti-viruses are bad nowadays: lots of false positives. That’s why I don’t use them anymore. SiliconStudio.AssemblyProcessor.Packed.exe is built not only from C# code but also from direct IL code (for performance reason and to overcome some limitation of the C# compiler) which means it might contain sequences of IL instructions that are uncommon. Doesn’t mean it is a virus though.

edit: Gen:Heur.MSIL.Krypt.2 detected by BitDefender is a heuristic. It means the antivirus doesn’t actually know if it is a virus but detect a potential threat based on some arbitrary criteria. Tested in VirusTotal ( shows that only a few anti-viruses report this false positive. And not the best ones:

You can submit the file to BitDefender using their form:


Thanks for the update, I’m glad to hear that it is a false positive.