Fate of Xenko under new license plans?


While admittedly off subject, but not entirely, does anyone here have any opinions regarding using Godot as an alternative to Xenko at this time?

I was looking at Godot before trying Xenko. Godot is great but is behind Xenko as of now, especially when it comes to c#. Godot is like 6 months away from really fixing their C#, its a mess right now. BUT Godot has a future for sure. Development is strong and improvements are coming faster than ever. If Xenko keeps the slow updates there is a decent chance Godot will catch up in the next year or two and surpass Xenko. That plus being open source means Godot is a safe bet.

Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to go with the safe bet.


Maybe they are just super busy with working on new features?


What, still no news from Xenko? Nothing on the supposed update release that is supposed to come out any moment now, but keeps being delayed by weeks and now months?

C’mon Xenko, please, let us know what the heck is going on, man.


Last ETA I got is that it should be before end of this month.
But as usual, it’s outside of my control so take it with a grain of salt.

Note: I am currently not part of Silicon Studio anymore, so until contract/legal/NDA stuff clear out, I am not allowed to say much, even though it is frustrating. The only thing I can do is wait with you guys…


Wait is over… Xenko is now completely opensource under permissive MIT license (editor+runtime).
It will be managed as a community project.

Please see full announcement there: https://xenko.com/blog/xenko-opensource-mit/

Sorry for the long wait!


Wow. That’s great news!


If losing backing by a big company is great news to you, then sure.


New Management all the things. Not really a loss when good content becomes opensource.


that’s a bit short sighted. since xenko is open source we are confident to make a big budget project in a very short time with it because we can fix all problems that may arise on our own by compiling xenko, which was not possible before.

we actually do this every day and it has already produced 4 pull requests on github from which everyone will benefit. so, i’d say for the users its a big advantage.


Actually, maybe you’re right. Silicon Studio didn’t have proper management for the Xenko project anyway. So there’s hardly any loss.

Maybe your company/team can become the new backbone.