Filestream from Xenko's Assets


I have a binary file I’ve imported into the Assets folder (as a Raw Asset).
In order to use this in visual studio however, I have to have a copy for visual studio in order to open a file stream.
System.IO.Stream stream = typeof(FileManager).GetTypeInfo().Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("whetting.Resources.sampleLayout.xml");

Is there a way to get a filestream from a xenko asset instead of having two copies of the asset?
Or at least how do I find the URI path so I can reference it in the above line.


Nevermind, some poking around revealed Stream stream = Game.Content.OpenAsStream("SpriteTest/sampleLayout", SiliconStudio.Core.IO.StreamFlags.None);
Where "SpriteTest/sampleLayout" was found by rightclicking asset and selecting Copy URL.