First time user. Xenko lastest install looks terrible and complex


Unity and Unreal engine takes one click install. This one takes many… Looks amateurish. Install .NET.
I’m keep getting annoying updates and unable to resume installation. When do I close .net?

Once I start the program. I can’t run any templates and program. how come?


I would take into consideration how long Unreal Engine and Unity have been in development. Xenko is rather new. Did you follow all the steps?
Try reinstalling the visual studio plugin and What version of Visual Studio do you have?


We updated the documentation to make it clearer that there are a few steps that might appear depending on which prerequisites are not installed yet.


I agree, having tried an early beta of xenko I decided to wait until it was more complete.

Now we are at v2 I would expect a smoother experience than what I recently went through when setting up my new dev box … It wasn’t hard, but it was fussy and everything had to be done in just the right order.

It also automatically kicks off an install of vs community if I recall which annoyed me because I already had the enterprise edition installed.

That said … I’d rather they focus on nicer apis or using .net core instead of portable class libs.


It also automatically kicks off an install of vs community

No it does not. It will install Visual Studio Build Tools (also known as MSBuild) if it is missing.

instead of portable class libs

We don’t support PCL anymore (as it is deprecated) but .Net standard (since version 1.9-beta).


Oh ok … maybe I did something weird when I set it up.
I think it was because I ticked a box for “install VS plugin” or something and it seemed to think I didn’t have VS installed.

I’m probably going to sound like a right idiot here but …
Isn’t .Net standard just another name for .Net Core?

With that in mind, when I …

  • Create a new game in v2 of Xenko
  • Create a lib as a new .Net Core lib and set .Net standard 1.0 as the version to use.
  • Add reference to the new lib in the “” project in the solution.

At that point I get broken reference and VS telling me those two projects aren’t compatible.


.NET core is not the same as .NET standard.

Basically .NET standard is more restrictive (hence has less of the .NET API available) but is more portable. .NET Core has more of the API available but is less portable. Since Xenko also targets mobile and other platforms it makes sense that they target .NET standard.


Oh ok … This is cool and new to me.
Sounds like I just need to retarget my .net core based stuff to .net standard to have it all work as expected.

I believe my core code is all sufficiently small enough in terms of scope that it should be fine if re targeted.

I thought .net core was basically .net portable and Microsoft were building core to run anywhere.l, it sounds like that’s actually .net standard.