Games that actually use Xenko(Paradox)?

Hi all,

I’ve been using AndEngine, Cocos2D-X, Unity and UE for developing games.
Unfortunately, I’ve never used Xenko(Paradox) before.
I’m stating a new project and would like to see Xenko in actually games.
Could you inform me some games that actually use Xenko?

Thank you.

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There is a “showcase” label in the forums for projects using Xenko:

The only game I know of that has been released that uses Xenko is Children of the Galaxy ( However, there are several games in development that you can find in the forums, such as Universe or Nothing.

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I’ve never heard of Children of the Galaxy or Universe or Nothing.
I’ll check them. Thanks.

I intend to use Xenko for my current game. I switched back to Xenko from Unity a few days ago. I changed genre for lore reasons. I had to make an Intelligence/Hacking simulator, instead of the isometric RPG shooter that was first planned.

There is no code so far. I’m still busy putting the prototype city together with imported meshes from MagicaVoxel.

I found that it’s more pleasant to work with Xenko’s editor. The Coordinate Cube is more useful than that clunky Coordinate Cross in Unity. The only missing thing in Xenko is Rectangular Selection!? Currently I have to select the entities in the scene individually.


I guess it’s not the only thing missing in Xenko.
It is missing a huge user community like Unity’s asset store.

Man, it’s only a matter of time! The engine is already very good! Let’s hope that the developers will not ask him for some monetary fee from users in the future

I would be careful as Xenko is a Japanese operation. And Japanese tend to charge more for products and services than their western counterparts. I bet that once the user base gets big the cost to continue to use Xenko in your projects will be astronomical. Japanese businesses tend to soak their customers. Stuff you can buy in the USA is jacked up 200% here. Just look at If the Japanese find a product that not sold here by some major organisation like Apple or Microsoft, they will get an exclusive license allowing only them to sell it, preventing from shipping it to Japan, then jack up the price at least 200%. Don’t trust the people behind Xenko to take the same moral path like Unreal or Unity who made their middleware accessible to everybody. After all, it was the Japanese who invented Gotcha.

Gambling is as old as time, so is genetically predisposed addiction to it. Nothing new.

Yeah. You are right about gambling. But new ways to take advantage of that addiction are constantly being researched and put into practice. That is immoral.

Can you please stay on topic?

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it was @didzey that took it off topic. I was responding to his/her post: “Let’s hope that the developers will not ask him for some monetary fee from users in the future”

I’m only going to post this single off topic comment.

Silicon Studios could only charge more money when actually being competitive with Unreal, Unity, Game Maker, Stingray, and the CryEngine. There is so much competition, that this is not likely to happen any time soon. Or even ever.

My concerns is not the price tag. My concerns is dedication. It’s not a trivial task programming a game engine. Of course Unity Tekonolgee got its problems. But Epic Games isn’t without its stark issues either.

Good thing that unlike other games engines, Xenko is C# and not C++. C# is more productive than C++. This should boost them.

As I being Japanese your post hurts badly :frowning:
But it’s not true that it was Japanese that invented Gotcha.
You should know it was Koreans first invented it.
I don’t like Gotcha either. It’s basically Pachinko for kids.

To be honest, I don’t care about Xenko and the company behind it.
I can’t see any advantages over Unity and UE.

Well. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to insult any Japanese individuals. And if I am mistaken about who invented gotcha, I am sorry about that too. But Japanese mobile game companies embrace gotcha so much that laws were passed to curb its use.

But I am speaking from almost 5 decades of living in Japan and dealings with Japanese ‘businessmen’ and importers. As one example, just look at Japanese games on Steam. They are usually two to three times more expensive than similar games made by western studios.

Anyway, this is my last post on the matter as I was warned to stay on topic.

I agree Gotcha is dangerous for kids.
I guess you know a lot more about Japan, so you know gotcha is like pachinko and pachinko is somehow legal in Japan.

You write so well, who are you?

I’m glad to inform you that Xenko is now FOSS (Free & Open-Source Software) available under the MIT licence and is available to everyone who has access to a Windows computer.

I am by no means related to Xenko or its development though I am planning on using Xenko to learn how to develop games after I gain more experience and I’ll happily share anything that I make once I do finish a project as it’s my wish to also contribute and give back to the community if I ever get the chance and also to show thanks for this free software.

You could say it’s my philosophy.

But right now I would like to revel on the fact that your comments have severely dated.

Even if this was a joke I find these comments hilarious.

The new playable demo is a good example, i think:

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