Global game jam


Hi All

This week-end (25th-27th of January 2019) is the Global Game Jam (

If you want to participate and use Xenko, tell me here. For this time around, I will give a prize to the best game made with Xenko. So don’t hesitate ^^

You still need to follow the rules of the Global Game Jam, I’m just adding an incentive to use Xenko. Once you have submitted your game, post a link and a description here.

After the game jam, I will conduct a survey and let everyone vote so it’s important that your project be accessible somewhere so that people can try it (even if it doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:).

Note: there is a #gamejam channel on our discord room. You can join to discuss.

Cheers! :wink:


I want to participate!


In my entry you need to get some things from the livingroom without waking all the kids that had a wild pajama party the previous night.
So watch out for things on the floor that could make noise


GGJ site: