Great to find out Xenko!


Hi, I just signed up the patreon support of this project. It is great to discover such a MIT based game engine fully developed in C#. I hope this project will succeed to stay around and gather some momentum going forward.


Absolutely agree, the engine has a huge potential


I just followed the GitHub build instructions ( and build. To my surprise, I am able to bring up Game Studio and run some examples in it. I did not expect the project at this stage can compile without major issues :slight_smile:

I am new to C# and have limited experience in game engine, Xenko would be the first one I will try and hope to learn something from it.


Just tested all sample projects in GameStudio on the Windows platform. They all work and the graphics look so beautiful in my XPS 15 laptop. I have Unity and Unreal running on the same laptop, my initial impression Xenko looks a lot better in term of graphics and the workflow is more intuitative. The performance is quite responsive as compared to the other two.

This concludes my first day of testing Xenko and I really love what I have seen so far!

The only game I have problem is the SpaceEscape3 due to some missing files I believe during the checkout.

The errors I got:
(Lin: 84, Col: 54, Chr: 4797) - (Lin: 85, Col: 24, Chr: 4863): Unable to resolve tag [!SpaceEscape3.UIScript,SpaceEscape3.Game] to type from tag resolution or registered assemblies
Scene(122,55): Warning: Could not deserialize object of type !SpaceEscape3.Background.BackgroundScript,SpaceEscape3.Game; replacing it with an object implementing IUnloadable:
(Lin: 121, Col: 54, Chr: 6952) - (Lin: 122, Col: 24, Chr: 7037): Unable to resolve tag [!SpaceEscape3.Background.BackgroundScript,SpaceEscape3.Game] to type from tag resolution or registered assemblies
Verbose: Restore NuGet packages…
Verbose: Compiling game assemblies…
Verbose: Game assemblies compiled…
Verbose: Generating SpaceEscape3.Windows…
Verbose: Restore NuGet packages…


Maybe the samples were not properly upgraded to the latest version of Xenko.

I’ll have a look this evening (if I don’t forget).