How to create a 2D scene?


I am a newbie, and have being studying samples coming with Xenko.

I saw there are 2D samples, but when I create my own project, everyt entity in my project is LOW LIGHT.
It can’t be light problem, because there is no light in the sample project, everything still looks bright. Whats should I do? Thanks


I just figured out that this is related to Graphics Compsitor
But as a newbie, its just make no sense for me…
Can anyone give me a website which teaches a newbie everything about Graphics Compsitor from very begining…
Thanks alot


maybe start a new project by selection the 2d game template from the menu.
also read this or course:


There is no 2D game templates, but I can use 2D sample and remove all entities.
I’ve read these doc, but for Computer Compsitor, its said “This page requires a basic understanding of graphics pipelines.”… so I am wondering if there is a tutorial of grapics piplelines for a total newbiew ^^