How to fix this problems on build Xenko? (Img)


All errors point to “CSC” file however in Windows I pointed out the wrapper variable, The error perciste I cloned with “Lfs” again and persists, I also installed the latest version of .NET FRAMEWORK SDK and says that I have a version previous, what to do to correct and be able to compile the project?

Sorry my English , i from Brazil my native language is Portugues…


Try building just Xenko.VisualStudio.Package project first and then do a build of the Solution. I’ve had a similar issue before and it was a dependency build order issue.


Thanks, Hey a new one error follow the img,


You don’t need to build the tests projects.
Just build the engine and the editor.

If you really want to solve that one, you need to install Xenko’s Visual Studio plugin.


should I exclude then? I installed the plugin but when I downloaded and installed Xenko it installed something similar … coming back the first, I just deleted the project and deleted