Is it possible to load in maps through code?


Sorry if this is a bit of a vague question… But is it possible to load in a map through the code of a game in this engine?

I have an idea for a project which would let users load in their own BSPs/VMFs or OBJs for a map.

Awesome work on the engine, looks fantastic!


Yes this is absolutely possible, I have done this will Xenko in the past. Loading textures is easy, obj files are a little more advanced.

I am away from my PC at the moment but can post some code tomorrow if you’d like.


If you export a BSP to OBJ it might work out of the box. I’ve not tried it, but Xeno’s editor can import from OBJ already and seems to do a good job of it. However a full blown level is a lot of meshes, not sure how it would handle that. You will also likely lose a lot of details, but you might get a nice starting point for something.