Is it possible to use .NET nugets or Assemblies?


Is it somehow possible to reference .NET assemblies and instantiate types from it in a C# script? Is there a tutorial/documentation or so around?

And also how is this handled? Does the game studio compiler have the .NET framework or so included? Or uses the .NET native tool chain to compile the game for platforms that don’t have .NET framework installed.



TL;DR - Yes you can use NuGet packages/.NET Libraries.

The game assemblies are just .NET. By default each game Solution has a core game project/assembly i.e. MyGame.Game and 1 or more platform specific project/assembly i.e. MyGame.Windows. By default the core game assembly is .NET Standard 1.4. (If you only plan to target Windows desktop, you could change this to target the Full .NET Framework if you prefer.) Each of the platform specific assembly/projects differ. For example:

  • Windows platform assembly is .NET Framework (mine seem to be 4.6.1).
  • iOS and Android platforms use Xamarin.
  • Linux platform uses .NET Core./Mono

See platform docs:

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