Is there hava MemberwiseClone method with entity clone?


I see the Entity.clone() is a deep clone,is it have a MemberwiseClone method?


Entity does not have a member-wise clone method. What would be the use case?

An entity is mainly a container of entity components. An entity component can belong to one entity only and each entity has a unique Id. The only properties remaining for a member-wise clone would be the entity name and its group.


If there is a scene hava many same entity just different width position.
Use deep clone will take up a lot of memory.
Reference types is better ,is it?
Xenko hava solution in this scene?


you should use an InstancingShader (Tutorial here) and just one entity to handle that.

For example, if you’re making a minecraft-like, juste create an entity “World” and make it draw and handle all the cubes.