Is Xenko capable of speech Recognition?


Well the title is basically the question? I think it requires pretty much Microsoft Framework 3.5 and higher. So how compatible is the Xenko Engine with the Visual studio classes included in that Framework 3.5 version?


On Desktop, the main project target .net framework 4.6.1, while the game project (portable) target .net standard 1.4 (which is compatible with .net 4.6.1).

I don’t know about the specifics of speech recognition but know that .net 3.5 is pretty old (and mostly deprecated), but I suppose equivalent or newer API for speech recognition are available in latest version. Anyway there is no reason why this couldn’t work with Xenko.


Thank you for your fast response. I really wanted to know since i searched on Google and couldn’t find any info if this was available in the Xenko Engine!