Lightmapping or GI?


Is there any better lighting solution for Xenko-powered games? Does it support realtime GI or some sort of lightmapping technique?



If I’m not mistaken. Right now GI is not supported. However, it definitely is in the Roadmap ( Xenko Roadmap )

Here is the card for it: Xenko Roadmap GI

However, please note that this is in the wishlist, so I don’t think this will happen soon :tm: :stuck_out_tongue:



Xenko currently (1.10-beta) supports physically-based rendering, post-effects, etc.
Light probes have been announced for an upcoming version in the GDC trailer:



This is an old thread, but I don’t see any more recent info on Xenko GI.

The current option appears to be manually placed light probes

As for the future…

It might be a good idea to focus entirely on real-time GI, rather than try to catch up to baked GI solutions right on the EVE of switching to real-time GI. Here are some relevant links…