Mesh Triangle Collider?


Looking at the possibility of starting a project in Xenko instead of Unity as getting tired of that engine and wanted to try this one out. One thing I need though is a mesh triangle physics collider. I know Bullet has it but was under the impression that Xenko did not allow you to use it (or use it easily) and was curious if that has since changed? The project would be using Voxel terrain. Unity has Mesh Collider built in, was curious if Xenko allowed this yet or not.


It doesn’t at the moment, and probably won’t for some time. You could get a bit creative with the HeightfieldColliderShape and work something out if you really want to.

Also seems that development on Xenko has ended by the looks of things (lack of activity from any of the developers, additionally one of the core developers status says they aren’t working at Sillicon Studio/on Xenko anymore.) Though. whatever the case is it should all be made clear next month.


That sucks both in lacking the mesh collider as well as stopping production. Really need a Unity alternative. Tired of all the useless bloat that Unity brings.

Just because I am curious myself, how/where did you see the information you are referring to? About potential production stop and developer status.


I feel the same, came accross this engine and instantly fell in love with its organised structure, performance, and especially its lack of bloat.

Its mostly speculation tbh, just browsing through these forums and xenko github and seeing that the activity on this engine had reached a flatline around December (inline with their last announcement).

Also Kryptos was one of the last few developers who was active on this forum hasn’t logged in for a while, seems to align with what his his github says about the job status.

Imho you should stick around until April 1st when their next announcement should be, If the case is that development has truly ceased then perhaps you can just request the source code and implement the collider yourself.


They did state a new update was coming around April.