Multiplayer Game



Any person can provide me a simple idea how to create a multiplayer game using Xenko engine ?

Kian Tat


Hey Kian!

Generally there is no built-in multiplayer support into Xenko but you can either use an existing library or create your own and simply integrate it into Xenko.
This is easier than ever now that we’re going forwards in the path of making it possible to use only parts of Xenko as NuGet packages if you wish to do so.

Other than that, @Jarmo stated he’s working on a multiplayer framework for Xenko which is estimated to be up by January.

@tonfilm also suggested that it is possible to use Lidgren Networking Library:


If you are looking for high-performance networking library with great feature-set, take a look at:

Benchmarks including Lidgren and friends are here:


I’m continuing to work on my “netcodez” libraries (which currently use Lidgren underneath). I’m in the process of building a simple multiplayer demo to test/validate/refine operation before publishing.

This is version 2 of this effort which has a number of improvements over version 1. I’ll put all that on the website when I get there. I’m excited!