Multiplayer Game



Any person can provide me a simple idea how to create a multiplayer game using Xenko engine ?

Kian Tat


Hey Kian!

Generally there is no built-in multiplayer support into Xenko but you can either use an existing library or create your own and simply integrate it into Xenko.
This is easier than ever now that we’re going forwards in the path of making it possible to use only parts of Xenko as NuGet packages if you wish to do so.

Other than that, @Jarmo stated he’s working on a multiplayer framework for Xenko which is estimated to be up by January.

@tonfilm also suggested that it is possible to use Lidgren Networking Library:


If you are looking for high-performance networking library with great feature-set, take a look at:

Benchmarks including Lidgren and friends are here:


I’m continuing to work on my “netcodez” libraries (which currently use Lidgren underneath). I’m in the process of building a simple multiplayer demo to test/validate/refine operation before publishing.

This is version 2 of this effort which has a number of improvements over version 1. I’ll put all that on the website when I get there. I’m excited!


very cool, looking forward!


Looks pretty nice, I might take a stab at using this. I’ve been playing with multiplayer code in Xenko and was rolling my own based on lidgren but this might be easier.


Another alternative you could look at (which I kinda like and will be looking at implementing soon-ish, if I ever get not lazy after work), is implementing SpatialOS, sure if you publish your game there will be running fees, but it could be a pretty good idea as they have a C# SDK to make “workers” out of it (as long as Xenko can run in headless on Linux, I don’t know if it can but I am pretty sure it’s doable :smiley: )

The advantage is that I think it fits nicely with the way Xenko works. (and it provides support for low-level networking, which helps I think.)


@Hayaweh did you see this post?


Updating status on my effort, I’m sitting about two months out. Slower than I expected. When I finish v2 I’ll make public on GutHub. After a period of refinement I’ll probably want to host the demo game it in the cloud for real testing.

I’m amateur so there is room for improvement which I’m looking forward to.

After publishing I want to collaborate with some of the regulars here and make multiplayer demo games. This will give me more opportunity to improve the libraries/framework and also build upon lessons learned for v3. :sunglasses: