New Xenko Game Project loads but does not compile in Visual Studio


After struggling with creating a new game project and consequently receiving the version to fix the problem, I can now create new projects and open them in VS (15.3.2), however they do not compile and I can not run UWP projects. Windows project runs correctly in the Xenko Studio, but UWP projects do not.

These are the errors I get when I try to build the solution …


Which version of Visual Studio are you using? I think UWP need Visual studio 2017 to be built.


I am using Visual Studio 2017 15.3.2.


That’s weird because since it is built from Visual Studio, MSBuild is already on the PATH. I tried it works fine for me.
Other questions:

  • Did you open Visual Studio directly or from the Game Studio?
  • Does building/running for Windows work for you in Visual Studio?


So cool, it looks like I’m set. I opened the project in the IDE from Xenko Studio and everything compiles and builds. That’s the first time I was able to start a UWP Xenko game.

However, I do have a few questions based on the following …

After I got VS to compile and run the game, I closed VS and reopened it and loaded the game project directly and it still worked. I shutdown Xenko, VS and the Xenko Router tray app, reopened VS only and reloaded the project again and everything continued to work. Next I restarted my computer and only opened VS, without starting Xenko Studio, and reloaded the project and I received the same compile errors as above.


  1. So what’s going on when I open the VS project from the game studio?
  2. Why does it only work that way?
  3. Why does it continue to work even if Xenko is shutdown and VS is reopened on its own?
  4. Additionally, what additional functionality do you gain with the Visual Studio plugin?

Thanks for help