Nobody speaks............?


Okay, let me talk about it.

I know xenko from 2017, I don’t know why I like xenko very much, and I come to the forum every other time to see if there is any new content.

It’s not suitable for production right now. Version updates are unstable.

I’ll keep my eye on it until it’s really productive.


I find that the latest version seems to have French support. I wonder why there is still no simplified Chinese style.

Now the Chinese market should be the world’s largest producer of games, and more people are joining the industry. I think xenko can bring Chinese into the next version to support, so as to win more users.

I translated Po and had no time for new compilation because the new version of the code seemed unable to compile again.

I can send it to you by email if you need it.


There is no much activity on the forums probably because most it happens on our discord channel nowadays. I recommend you to join if it is not already the case:


There is a network shielding system in mainland China.
Ordinary users cannot access large community systems around the world.
The only thing that can be accessed is the xenko website forum.


I do think it can be a problem when communities largely shift their activity to Discord, rather than a forum. As it’s essentially a chatroom, it’s much harder to find information when there is no organisation by topic. When I look at an open-source community, I check the forums to get an idea of the health of the project, to see the level of support, and to look for interesting subjects. When it is mostly confined to long chat-streams in Discord, it feels much more difficult to get a sense of things, as a newcomer.


Well. We have had that forums for years and the community was almost not having any interaction. Since we started the discord server we have had an afflux of new users and there is 10 order of magnitude more activity than before.

Also the purpose of forums and chat rooms are different. Forums are so 20th century :slight_smile:

I sympathized with users from China, but I don’t think we should stop the discord server because of some government policy or choice.


It seems that we only accept the facts.
Individuals cannot change certain things
Only expect you to fix xenko
I will continue to pay attention to xenko as always until it is relatively perfect.