Online games with Xenko?


Does Xenko support online and multiplayer infrastructure and coding?
I can’t find anything in the manual about networking?
If it does support networking and servers, where would I find that info?

Link to manual here:


Hey there,

Xenko doesn’t currently support networking, and probably will not for some time.
You may implement it yourself however!


as someone suggested on the xenko discord, you can use this or any other networking library with xenko:


I developed a version of multiplayer/netcode for the game I was working on earlier this year with Xenko. I have since began working on a modular version of it called “Netcodez.” I have procured the domain but haven’t built the site yet. Long story short, I am aiming to have the code refined and available with a sample Xenko project by January.

The goal was to make an easy to use portable version of netcode that could be used with any engine (given a small list of requirements).


I’m on track to have this up and hosted by January. I should finish it up and begin testing in December. When I have a workable demo in Xenko (will be very simple) I’ll post it with a road map.