Programmatically Generate Experience

Hello, I’m interested in building an information management system. I have an engine written in .net core which currently has a web frontend, but I want to provide other experiences.
Would it be possible to provide a few assets such as a “clipboard” and some menu backgrounds then programmatically generate the entire experience of navigating menus, showing and allowing input to values on the virtual clipboard and then have the results go back to my system? I’m thinking I’d try to embed one into the other for a single runtime and then drive the Xenko experience from the information system code.

Is that plausible?


yes, absolutely, xenko can be combined with everything from the .net world since it is just a normal visual studio solution. so basically anything you can do with .net can be combined with xenko…

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Sweet - I’ve watched a few videos on youtube, but they focus on using the tooling. I see in the api the UI controls, adding to scenes, etc, that makes sense in general terms. Are there videos or doc materials that would help me onramp to getting started with using the engine programatically like the videos for using the tooling?

You just need to install the latest visual studio 2019 and create a new project with Xenko. Then open the created .sln file with visual studio. There is also a button in game studio to switch to visual studio.

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Sounds good, thanks, I’ll run through the getting started and go from there!