Project Game library still a Portable Class Library?


Hello, I just came across this:

Note: since the release of Xenko 1.9β, shared game assemblies are created using .NET Standard rather than PCL (Portable Class Library). You can learn more about why we made that decision in our earlier blog post, Toward a Better .NET!

However, im my Visual Studio project created with Xenko one can see that the Game library is still labelled as Portable, targeting .NET Standard but still Portable.

Could somebody explain me why is the Game library not just a .NET Standard library, rather than a portable since it seems that PCL is not going to be around for very long ?


I could be wrong on this but I believe .NET Standard is ‘portable’ but not PCL. So it does not adhere to the old PCL standard, but is portable across platforms hence visual studio give you the tag.

That’s a guess on my part, but I think I’m on the right track.

As a fun side, I had zero success using VS 2015 to create a secondary Xenko/portable library to sit alongside my game library. Had to hack around it by copying the existing game project to a new location, opening it, gutting it, renaming it and re-attaching it to the solution.


From the GameStudio you can add a code library to the solution. Go to the solution explorer, right click to open the context menu and here you will have an option to add a new project.


It is using .Net standard. You can change the targeted version in the properties of the project.


Thanks for that.


I can’t seem to reference my existing framework lib written in .net core in my main xenko game project, this is a bit frustrating.

I’m using the latest version of xenko.

Any reason for the lack of .net core support? (surely it would make life easier for everyone)


Which version of .Net Core are you using? Make sure that it can target the same .Net standard than the game library and it should be fine.


I think I might be looking at the wrong information.
How do I confirm that these versions all match up?

I figured VS (unless you install the beta stuff) is always setup to create a new .Net Core 1.0 project.

Xenko seems to be targetting .Net standard 1.6 from what I can tell, when I create a new lib without changing anything else in VS 2017 it appears to target the same version of .Net standard (according to the project properties).

I will re-visit this later and have another look as from you have said this should all be fine.