Project Voxelscape


Hello all. I’ve been working on a voxel engine for some time now and recently switched from Unity3D to Xenko for that modern C# experience. Async/await and modern threading libraries proved to be an absolute must for my project and C# 3.5 just couldn’t cut it any longer.

Check out my blog to see it in action;

Collision for procedural generated mesh?

I too have a Unity3d project that relies heavily on proc gen meshes like your’s. How hard is it to generate your mesh in Xenko? What difficulties did you have porting from one to the other. I too am having issues with garbage collection along with some other things affecting performance and was looking into Xenko but issues like your’s with the collision mesh etc are making me hesitant so I curious how you experience has been.


I’ll be responding in depth on your other posting :wink:


Sorry the blog is down for now, but you can still see the engine running here;