[Revenue Share] Game Project: Next Year

Howdy folks,

I’ve been working with Xenko for about a year and a half on hobby projects and I’d really like to release a game with the engine. Also, with TurboPlay and Discord Store Indie content delivery is becoming increasingly simplified. I’d like to identify interested individuals ahead of time so that we can begin exploring concepts and determining what infrastructure/systems we will need–plus I already have most of my current work laid out for the remainder of the year.

What I’m looking for:
(1) Developer (Someone consistently hanging out w/ Xenko)
(1) Modeler/Artist

[I have some audio/composer contacts]

What the effort would look like:

  • Part-Time (10-20 hours a week).
  • Unpaid but with structured Revenue Share through Crowdsourcer.io
  • Tracked in HacknPlan
  • Real (As in we would be actually committing to the end goal).
  • Collaboratively designed

I’ve worked with folks in the past on projects but find that many people aren’t able to hold long term interests and maintain a level of steady progress until completion.

If you are interested please send me a message. Everything between now and the end of the year will be fairly casual; but we can use the opportunity to get to know each other.



An update on this,

Going to attempt this sooner than I thought, if anyone is interested hit me up-or else I go it alone! :crazy_face: