Simple Mantra for Xenko Owners to win market!


I am a full time gamer and game engine learner. Since 2010 I have learned many framework and engines like first one was XNA and latest one is cryengine 5 and ofcourse xenko also in progress and as a gamer cum game engines observer and programmer, I suggest Xenko owner to develop a multiplayer based FPS or TPS game and release it on steam platform and others too because all game engines got success after releasing a good play concept based Multiplayer FPS, TPS game, RPG game. There are many examples of Unity, Unreal 4, godot and many more. I am 1000% sure for xenko success if Xenko implements below points :

  1. Documentation should be like unity or better than unity.
  2. Any update should be a major update after 6 months. Rest minor bug fix updates should no affect already inprogress projects.
  3. Full Tutorial page like unity.
  4. Release as ASAP a Multiplayer FPS,TPS game with good military combat concept.


Thank you for believing in the future of the engine, I fully support your proposal. :wink:


Regarding point 2: I think they should release major updates every 3 months instead. This way we would get new features even faster!
Regarding point 4: They should make a horror game because the atmosphere would be better and I don’t like military games.


About updates, it’s better to release updates of two types, small and large (like blender), it’s my opinion.


They should also hold conventions (with free food and drinks). Xenko developers all across the world could connect and collaborate.

And before doing a full game (because it’d take too long before it’s released), they should make a demo like this for example:

They could collaborate with Big Lazy Robot (, because they are good with VFX.