[Solved] Xenko 3.0 w/o .Net 4.7.2



I’m trying to upgrade Xenko to the latest version which 3, is there a way to upgrade without installing .Net 3.7.2 ? ATM I have an issue installing .Net 3.7.2

Thanks ^_^y


i think you mean 4.7.2 :slight_smile:
but i think that is not easy… you might get away with only installing the develper packages and stay on 4.6.1 but i don’t know exactly.

why can’t you install 4.7.2?


Ooppps… sorry to that got mixed up : - D yeah 4.7.2 … maybe I need to fully update my Windows 10… not really sure why my windows blocked .Net 4.7.2.

Does this means any executable from Xenko 3.0 required the end users to install .Net 4.7.2 T_T … It would be nice if it had a minimum requirements of 4.5…

Thanks TonFilm for replying ^_^y


Updating Windows solved my problem ^_^y Back to Xenko again! Updating to Xenko 3.1…


yes, i was going to say that windows 10 should have it automatically. good you found a solution.