Tips for debugging Engine DLL's in Project


Hey everyone,

First time using Xenko and I was wondering if anyone has any advice how to properly debug the engine DLL’s for a game project. I was able to load up the required symbols into the project’s solution to allow myself to step through the engine code, however, I would love to be able to see all of the source code as well inside the project solution so I can decided where I would like to put breakpoints. Any advice on how I could accomplish such a thing or what might be the best practice would be much appreciated.



Best way would be to build from the sources themselves and use your local build copy to debug instead of the official release.


I’m using Jetbrains ReSharper and it has possibility to debug inside 3rd party code through disassembling sources, but the best way is using source code of engine linked to your project, cause there can be difference between source code and disassabled


Hey kryptos, thank you for the response. I currently am building from source and I am able to step into the source code from my project solution. I am thinking what I need to do is to add the engine source projects to my Project solution that way I can see all the source code, so I can place breakpoints where they are needed.


Hey DirectXManiac,

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I thin the way to go would be to link the source code of the engine to the project solution. I am going to give that a try.