Uninstalling Xenko deleted my entire program files folder


I downloaded Xenko just to check it out, and when I installed it it installed DIRECTLY into the folder I selected to install it to rather than making it’s own directory. Most programs don’t make you have to manually make them a folder, so I wasn’t expecting this and just went ahead installing. Not too big of an issue (you would think) but then when I decided to uninstall it deleted not just Xenko’s files but my entire program files folder. I’ve had a few programs do that same install crap, but they never deleted all my other programs when I uninstalled them. Real nice guys, real nice.


Really sorry about that… I hope you can restore your computer somehow…
Currently looking into what is causing that.


rock’n’roll! :metal:
checking my xenko install path…


Setting to delete top level folder was explicitly set (a long time ago!).
Surprised it didn’t happen before…
It’s now fixed in https://github.com/xenko3d/xenko/commit/2e1f3fe293468ef1def17c64bd319878ef219c1a

This won’t be effective until I release a new launcher/installer (in a few days), and people install using this new XenkoSetup.exe installer (launcher self-upgrading is not going through installer).

@whyHaveYouDoneThis sorry that you ended up being a guinea pig on this one…