Use xenko assemblies outside the engine


Hello guys!

Well, is possible (and how to) use the xenko assemblies that you need for projects that aren’t directly created at xenko?

In my specific case I want to take advantage of HRTF feature of Xenko to various projects; including games.

How i can use it?
Do you have an example?

And using the same question is possible create a game without the studio?

I found an example that uses winforms as a basis, and next launch a class for run a little example, but isn’t completely documented, so various things that append there I can’t understand. And on that, don’t load any asset (graphical or audio) so I don’t know I can load an asset using only code for work with sprites, models, sound effects, etc.

¡thanks for that!


here is a starting point:


And another one:


Thanks guys for your answer!

I give them a try, to see how them works!

Thanks so far.