Using Xenko as a library in my personal Engine


I have been searching for a game engine for a while and I think I am finally settling on Xenko as my preferred choice. The last question I have about it is can I use Xenko as a graphics library versus a full engine?

I am interested in writing some components of a game engine myself such as the simulation and ECS but I am not that big on the graphics end of things. I would prefer if possible to include Xenko as the “rendering” engine and allow my code to sort of pick up the other aspects I feel that my engine will require.

Is this something that is possible with the Xenko engine?


I also have this doubt. Is this possible?


Also interested in this, though I think a simple way to achieve this is to have a simple main script running in a main scene which then does all the stuff with your custom classes. No other assets in the scene, just an empty component with the “main entry” script attached.


Sounds like a horrible waste of already implemented code. Why would you want to reinvent the wheel? Unlike Unity, Xenko is open source. So, you always can add what may be missing.


I actually have a need similar to this. I have an app and I would like to have a very small game inside my existing app. Using Xenko as a library would work perfectly. Were you able to make this work?



you can follow the progress on this issue and the issues it links, which will lead to individual xenko nuget packages.


Good to know there is more and more demand for this, I’ll keep working on it!

FYI this related issue might also be of interest if you want to track progress/discussions, together with the one mentioned by @tonfilm :


Excellent, thank you!