Video tutorials - Overview and planning

Hi there Xenko community,

In this topic I want to refer to all the Xenko video tutorials I make and plan to make. Always feel free to give constructive feedback.
All source code, full projects and videos will be listed here:

Xenko Game studio - Basics - Youtube playlist:

Xenko - How To’s
See the google doc

C# - Beginners
See the google doc


Shaders, maybe?


I think it would be right to start with simple operations. Work with prefabs in the editor, and scripts. The movement of the model along the coordinates, along the axes of the curve. Creating splines. In general, all that will give an idea of ​​working with scripts, but not immediately complicated, but the simplest operations, so that you can understand the first time opening the editor. For example, how to make the ball move along the axis of the road. How to bind the control of the light on the keys … The simplest, and already from him - to the complex. I think this is useful to many, because the engine is very versatile.
After all, we are talking about learning … I understand correctly? :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree more with you, besides tutorials Xenko has everything, amazing technology (those visuals!), good API documentation and a decent manual. It just lacks a good base of video tutorials, and beyond that of course the killer feature X that will come with time, that’s not a problem since it’s feature packed but the 3D gaming world evolves too fast.

I presume that a “getting started with Xenko” tutorial is in order, where the instrutor shows how to get from zero to the FPS template for example, that would be an easy win. With a mandatory video “Xenko basics” where the user is introduced to the interface. Once people get to see how (hopefully) easy is to get done something like the FPS template, it will pick their curiosity to go on from there.


I’d recommend basically looking at the Xenko manual - , and start with projects that cover and expand those topics.

Then, once there is a solid baseline of material, get footloose and fancy free with more advanced topics, maybe looking at some of the questions that get asked the most on the forums and discord and trying to cover those.


Totally agree with this idea, I’ve talked about this in the community for a long time and such lessons a long overdue, so I’m all for it! :raised_back_of_hand::raised_back_of_hand:
So well, the way I see it:

  • this may be a short overview of the interface and features.
  • import assets and their settings
  • creation of simple scripts, (physics of objects, tracking an object, activation of a script by pressing a key (door))

Thanks for the feedback so far. Perhaps a video version of the existing getting started pages is not bad a idea to start with. My main aim is to spread get new comers to get adjusted to Xenko as fast as possible. I think once the videos covering the core parts of the editor and the basics of the art pipeline are done, we move on to scripting and creating a basic game.

Previous experiences have almost always led to FPS templates. It doesn’t have to be an actual shooter but it does make things easier to showcase various game play mechanics and how to tackle them.

I edited my first post with some ideas on the introduction series. Let me know what you think and if we can expand/improve this list.


Thank you for your efforts @Aggror. It looks like you already have a comprehensive list there. Only thing that I miss on a quick overlook right now is building distributable packages for different devices (desktop, Android, etc). That would close it nicely

  1. UI - Especially for those coming from Unity like I did, there is a possibility to be drawn to the canvas, rather than using the grid. I think that it is important to explain the use of the grid, and the UI in general, things like pages etc.

starting with the basics is nice, i think everyone here agrees. if you go further, this is a good read on how to title things, how to talk about them and how easy/deep something should be:


Looks great! Thanks for the list, it is also should think about how to draw attention to these tutorials (post links to popular game development resources), etc.

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Just had a thought, how about an initial ‘What is Xenko?’. A preliminary dive into the engine and its features from a technical standpoint, the features available in the engine, open source, supportable on patreon, available as separate nuget packages (almost).

A brief history, a spec of current capabilities and a hint at the future plans, before launching in the development side itself.


Awesome, delighted to see somebody willing to start making video tutorials!
I would be happy to feature those (twitter, or even possibly blog/post or even include them in a doc section).

Also, if you feel some of the operations are buggy or could have improvements that could be done easily/quickly, please let me/us know and would be happy to fix it before you capture the video.


On this note, covering the graphics compositor at some point would be good (and necessary for UI even)

Still, great to see someone willing to start making some video tutorials, welcome!

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Thanks again everyone.

I do want to cover what kind over shaders to use that come with Xenko. Writing shaders on the other is a far too advanced topic for now. Most users will probably never go anywhere near those. Without the core editor usage tutorials I would be completely overshooting the target audience.

I added exporting/distributing the game to the list

and UI to the introduction list. Those will still be the basic coverage or a quick “how to” more than anything. Later tutorials can dive deeper.

Thanks for the link on documentation

That is interesting one. I might cover this briefly in the UI tutorial and make a separate more in-depth tutorial once the basics tutorials are done.

Once they are out I will leave it to the rest of the community to help out with that. I personally dislike the “share”, “hit subscribe” and “like this video” strategy you here on most youtube endings.

Thanks for the offer. If anything comes up I’ll be sure to reach out. While I am it: * Consistency in the video material is key. Is there a specific logo ( you prefer when it comes to the tutorial intro? (title screen/thumbnail)

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I might express an unpopular opinion.

If some of those videos are very advanced/professional you could publish them on services such as PluralSight and get back some income. It will make Xenko visible in the professional (and more traditional) community as well.

Making tutorials is a difficult and time-consuming task. So it would make sense to be rewarded. Alternatively you could open a Patreon to support your work.

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When do you plan to start?
I will try to make sure we can use the logo freely with Silicon Studio by then.


The 2 lists mentioned in the first topic are starter to intermediate at best, and I have no problem doing those regardless of income. As you said, it just takes up a lot of time, but I like doing it and I think it can help out Xenko in the long run. But I also think you are right about using patreon/pluralsight/udemy for the advanced concepts. This gives a more ‘professional’ vibe to the platform. We will cross that bridge when we get there. Thanks for the input.

I think I will work out my first recordings tomorrow. I will do some test runs to get the audio and zoom factor right. I will post some samples to get some new feedback.


I am still in discussion with Silicon Studio to get the trademark for Xenko transferred to the future NPO Xenko will belong to.
Hopefully it should go smoothly but there is a chance this fails, and in that case we might have to take the decision to rename Xenko.

Even though chance is moderate, I prefer to let you know in advance as this can impact and invalidate a lot of your work.

I will be sure to let you know as soon as you know more. I engaged again Silicon Studio last Thursday to try to resolve this, waiting for them to answer back to me still.

@Kryptos @Aggror
It might also be worth considering if I could add this work as one of my Patreon goal (and redirect that part to you).
I think tutorials are really important so would be happy to see it get kickstarted.

Later down the road, moving to a NPO might probably go hand in hand with involving people to vote how funding/donations are distributed.

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Oh wow, that is an important decision. I will eagerly await their answer before starting the recordings. For now I will just be working on my own little xenko project, but as soon as you have an answer we can get started.

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