Video tutorials - Overview and planning


Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I will have a look at the noise coming from my keyboard. In tutorials such as this one, there is barely any keyboard needed, so removing/re-recording a part is not a big task.
Recording audio separately is something I have done before, to improve audio quality. The downside, other than taking a lot of extra time, is that it messes with the flow of speech. You record only a few sentences before pausing everything. Dialogs will become stale and feel robot like. It is extremely time consuming getting that right.

Perhaps I can find a quieter keyboard that doesn’t make as much noise.

Do you mean like a really chill trance music beat? Do you have an example of what you are describing?

  • Intel i7 6700K
  • 16GB ram
  • gtx 1070
  • mic: Innox IVA 08
  • Konig & Meyer 23956 popfilter


  • OBS for recording screen and audio
  • Audacity for extra audio recording
  • Sony Vegas 14 Pro for video editing


Thank you @Aggror for sharing the information.

The video series from Jayanam could be a good example. There is a background music that you can’t barely hear (it does not mess with the message), but it’s filling any possible silence in the video. It makes it more professional and pleasant in my opinion:

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Nice setup!
And thanks for that demo video, top-notch!

I had first meeting with Silicon Studio today and had a chance to explain them in details our plan and what we want.
I also stressed out I needed an answer quickly.
There is a follow-up meeting next Tuesday (in 1 week), hope we will have a definitive answer by then!
Sorry that it’s taking little bit of time.



No need to apologize, legal issues can be such a painstakingly slow process. The timing is also a little unfortunate, as I will be away from home for 3 weeks as of 18th march.

New version with background sound:



Astounding! It really makes a difference :slight_smile:

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@xen2 any answers from silicon studio yet? I will be from home for about 3 weeks as of 17th of march. Next week will be the final free time I have to spend on this.



Latest status:

  • It looks like Silicon Studio might be OK with a transfer (with a few restrictions and a small price tag)
  • I am now checking on the receiving side (NPO) if they would agree with that. Asked a few days ago, no answer yet.


BTW, I apologize if those things take little bit of time to solve and are little bit out of my hands.

We badly need video tutorials to bring user to Xenko and it’s unfortunate it is being blocked by this decision.

Anyway, my current feeling is that we should be able to keep the name.
But there’s always a chance negotiation fails so I can’t say it’s 100% sure yet (might take a few more weeks).



Fingers crossed.

by the way: do you own the official youtube channel for Xenko?

If these tutorials are to become the official videos, I have no problem uploading them there. It would look even more professional. I think it would give newcomers a sense of trust that there are official videos.

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Yes I control it.

Sure, would gladly accept if you want to update them with Xenko account.

However, you would loose the credits.
So you could also keep your name and they could be featured on the Xenko channel.

I am fine either way, up to you!

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Maybe in the future, Xenkos youtube channel could have some new promotion materials.



Hi again,
I am back from vacation and work related activities. What is the latest news on the name/logo etc? I think it is time to get my hands dirty.



It’s currently still stuck waiting for .NET Foundation answer.

However, I have a verbal agreement with Silicon Studio to transfer it and we could always start our own foundation if .NET Foundation doesn’t work out, so I would say it’s 90% sure it will be fine to keep the name Xenko (assuming Silicon Studio doesn’t change its mind).



I think we waited long enough. The risk is relatively small. I am just going to start recording. :slight_smile:



Can’t wait!

I would like to support you as much as I can, so please keep me posted if you need any help, for example:

  • If you feel some workflow could be easily/quickly improved before taking the video, please let us know and I (or others) could give it a try
  • Logo materials (I will share the raw illustrator/png files somewhere)
  • Youtube permissions


Could I suggest perhaps not including background music. None of the many professional tutorials I have purchased have a background track, and I would find it annoying. I often have my own music on in the background, and this would be an unfortunate addition, IMO. I would disagree that it makes for a more professional product - it’s unnecessary, and reduces the choice of the user.



Yes, go for it! Really looking forward to share the tutorials to our users at as well.



Thank for your input. As other users have indicated, it can nicely fill the gaps were there is silence. But I do understand that this might not be something everybody wants. I guess the middle-ground here is to not put any music in it, and let users play their own music in the background.

Recorded the next one last night. I expect to have a few videos ready this week.



The first post has been edited and now contains the roadmap and the youtube playlist.



I think that’s excellent. Very clear, well-paced, and professional. If you complete that roadmap, I think it will be a huge boost to the Xenko project.