Video tutorials - Overview and planning


Most people needing tutorials won’t pay and will jump to Unity free tutorials.
Xenko need to become more popular first.
It’s better to give some money from Patreon to make tutorials or do kickstarters like Godot GDQuest.

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I think many have asked themselves the question … - “And how are the Xenko logo and video tutorials related?” Suppose did not give the go-ahead to the logo - there will be no video ?! Or is the logo part of a colorful screensaver? Yes, you can and without a screen saver, because the meaning is not in it, but in the video.
I don’t recall asking for permission to mention the name “Blender 3D” or its logo when recording video on 3D modeling. And a little later, when I better deal with the engine, I will record video in Russian, in order to explain what and how. The main thing here is the information in the video, not the label.
If I am wrong, and without a label it is impossible … Please excuse me, this approach is not clear to me!



The title and thumbnail of a youtube video can always be changed and aren’t a problem, should the name change actually happen.

But try to image every time I say something like ‘with Xenko you can do this…’ or ’ …another feature of Xenko is that…’. Also don’t forget the name ‘Xenko’ and its logo are part of the launcher and the editor. This would look unprofessional and I think it is kind of confusing for potential new users. Sure, the people already familiar with Xenko and its ‘namechange’ wouldn’t really mind, but that is just because they know why.
What I really want is to have new users feel comfortable with the engine, but if the video already starts with a program that looks different than the one you have installed, this gives of an ‘outdated’/‘bad taste’ vibe. Of course this is always a risk with video tutorials where menus change, options get removed/added. But something as big as a name change, that just seems like something quite easy to avoid. Especially considering that this all might change rather soon (few weeks?), why make videos now that are outdated rather quickly. If this is something that is further away in the future (a year or so), then recording it now isn’t a big deal.

All things considered, lets just first see if @xen2 gets an answer. Perhaps the name change won’t happen at all and we are worried about nothing. I can’t wait to get started with the recording, believe me, I just want to do it right.



You can always say Xenko on the first video, or put xenko on every video title and say “with the engine” after that and will be perfectly natural. The title is easy to change and just one video is easy to change. But yeah, it’s a pain…



This is a great idea. If you want any collaborators let me know. I’m about 1.5 months away from releasing the first version of my netcode called “Resync” on GitHub. This will feature a small multiplayer Xenko PVP arena game. I don’t know if I’ll host the game server online anytime soon… but maybe in months to follow or next year.

I’d love to contribute to tutorials.



While we are waiting on @xen2 to have a meeting with Silicon studio, I went ahead and recorded a sample for the first video tutorial. For the past few days I have been toying with the best setup for audio quality and I had to get myself reacquainted with the video editor.

Let me know what you think:

Here is my recording setup btw. Added my cat for additional echo/reverb cancellation.



Thank you so much for the sample, I really liked it! Good intonation, optimal information feed rate, beautiful starry sky background =) It looks and sounds professional. I’m looking forward to all video tutorials!

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Feels quite professional, looking forward to seeing the real series out there in the wild!

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this is fantastic! it really feels professional and well produced. clear voice recording and understandable speaking in just the right pace. the cat makes it even better :slight_smile:
also content-wise, its a great intro i would like to share with beginners getting into the engine.
let’s hope for a good outcome on the xenko trademark discussion.

keep up the good work!



That is pretty good overall.

If possible, try to remove the keyboard strokes noise. I have heard that some people redo an audio capture separately to remove any hesitation and background noise, but that’s at least twice as much work.

I’m just nit picking. The quality is really good already.

Keep up the good work.

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This is great quality material! The only thing I can think of as missing would be as @Kryptos mentioned to record the audio separately so that you can edit and cut whatever you’re not happy with, and probably adding a really low volume background tune to mask the silence.

Could you be kind enough to describe your rig? Microphone and shield brand and model, gfx card, ram, CPU, software used (I reckon I saw obs for recording, but what did you use for editing? Davinci?), Etc. Thank you in advance

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I will have a look at the noise coming from my keyboard. In tutorials such as this one, there is barely any keyboard needed, so removing/re-recording a part is not a big task.
Recording audio separately is something I have done before, to improve audio quality. The downside, other than taking a lot of extra time, is that it messes with the flow of speech. You record only a few sentences before pausing everything. Dialogs will become stale and feel robot like. It is extremely time consuming getting that right.

Perhaps I can find a quieter keyboard that doesn’t make as much noise.

Do you mean like a really chill trance music beat? Do you have an example of what you are describing?

  • Intel i7 6700K
  • 16GB ram
  • gtx 1070
  • mic: Innox IVA 08
  • Konig & Meyer 23956 popfilter


  • OBS for recording screen and audio
  • Audacity for extra audio recording
  • Sony Vegas 14 Pro for video editing


Thank you @Aggror for sharing the information.

The video series from Jayanam could be a good example. There is a background music that you can’t barely hear (it does not mess with the message), but it’s filling any possible silence in the video. It makes it more professional and pleasant in my opinion:

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Nice setup!
And thanks for that demo video, top-notch!

I had first meeting with Silicon Studio today and had a chance to explain them in details our plan and what we want.
I also stressed out I needed an answer quickly.
There is a follow-up meeting next Tuesday (in 1 week), hope we will have a definitive answer by then!
Sorry that it’s taking little bit of time.



No need to apologize, legal issues can be such a painstakingly slow process. The timing is also a little unfortunate, as I will be away from home for 3 weeks as of 18th march.

New version with background sound:



Astounding! It really makes a difference :slight_smile:

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@xen2 any answers from silicon studio yet? I will be from home for about 3 weeks as of 17th of march. Next week will be the final free time I have to spend on this.



Latest status:

  • It looks like Silicon Studio might be OK with a transfer (with a few restrictions and a small price tag)
  • I am now checking on the receiving side (NPO) if they would agree with that. Asked a few days ago, no answer yet.


BTW, I apologize if those things take little bit of time to solve and are little bit out of my hands.

We badly need video tutorials to bring user to Xenko and it’s unfortunate it is being blocked by this decision.

Anyway, my current feeling is that we should be able to keep the name.
But there’s always a chance negotiation fails so I can’t say it’s 100% sure yet (might take a few more weeks).



Fingers crossed.

by the way: do you own the official youtube channel for Xenko?

If these tutorials are to become the official videos, I have no problem uploading them there. It would look even more professional. I think it would give newcomers a sense of trust that there are official videos.

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