VSIX installer impossible to install xenko plugin


Hello here,

so basicly with the VS 2017 it’s impossible to install the Xenko plugin.


Anyone know where I can found a solution ?

The log here -> https://pastebin.com/CptHtvN3


EDIT I was wrong. There is VS2017 support.

I think there’s no vs2017 support yet. Can’t check right now, but I was expecting it with the next release.


I have VS 2017 Community Edition with Xenko plugin in it.


@BorisCallens Visual Studio 2017 is supported since release of (25th April 2017).

@Vincent have you tried reinstalling Visual Studio or Xenko? Did you have previously Visual Studio 2015? It is possible that the uninstallation of a previous version was not properly cleaned.

As far as we can tell, the plugin should work fine for both Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017 (there are in face two different versions of the plugin). I tried recently with both versions on Win7 and Win10 without issue.