Will I be able to develop an app like this with Xenko?


I am trying to develop a FloorPlanner application with Xenko.
I need to develop an user Interface with below features. (The interface looks similar to the images attached)

  1. There will be menus left side and a canvas at right side.
  2. The app should be able to render both 2d and 3d views.
  3. It should be able to render SVG files.
  4. User should be able to select a mesh with mouse click or tap.
  5. User should be able to draw walls and apply textures.

BTW, I have implemented the logic for generating the 3d model of the house and others on the fly from the walls the user has drawn.

My biggest problem is, I could not find a way to have both menu and canvas in the same page.

Thanks in advance.